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four wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is the process of adjusting your cars geometry back to it’s factory specifications.


The following symptoms are typical of requiring a wheel alignment:

  • Upon inspection there is uneven tyre wear across the tyre
  • Your steering wheel is not centralised when going straight
  • Your vehicle is pulling in one direction


We use the John Bean Pro42 laser guided system to adjust each wheel with accuracy to the millimetre. Each wheel is independently adjusted.

Our wheel aligments are competitively priced at £70 + VAT.

frequently asked questions

It is important to have your wheels aligned not only for safety reasons, but to decrease maitenance costs. We have listed the main reasons below:

  • Will have a dramatic effect on handling and braking performance
  • Tyres will wear unevenly so there is an increase cost of replacing them as a result
  • Prevention of tyre blow outs and flat spots
Wheels should be aligned after a tyre or suspension component replacement.

We normally allow around an hour to carry out a wheel alignment.