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brake fitting & repair

Brake discs and pads must be maintained to a high standard for the safety of everyone in your vehicle. Poorly maintained brakes can add many metres onto the stopping distance when braking.

Typically brake pads last for between 40,000 – 50,00 miles but can differ between vehicles and the braking load.

Brake discs do deteriorate at a much slower rate, but this is largely dependent on how well the braking system as a whole is maintained as they can become damaged by poor condition brake pads.

Below are some likely symptoms of discs or pads being excessively worn:
  • Squeaking or squealing noises when braking
  • Vibration when braking
  • Scraping noise when braking
  • Brake pad warning light on the dashboard


Brake repair costs are on a per quote basis. Please get in touch to request a free visual inspection, or a full brake component check with full health report for £45 + VAT

frequently asked questions

Squeaking or squealing under braking

This is caused by excessive wear of the brake pads braking surface material. If you start hearing a grinding this is an indication of the braking material being depleted and you are now causing damage to your brake discs; if your brake pads get to this stage your braking will be noticeably poor.

Vibration under braking

Vibration through the braking pedal is a sign that your brakes need professional attention. This fault is most likely caused by warped brake discs, which will need to be replaced. Brake pads would be replaced at the same time as the brake disc replacement as a matter of course.

Needless to say brake discs on both sides of an axle would need to be replaced. You cannot replace one side and not the other.

Brake pad warning on dashboard

Most modern day cars have a sensor on the brake pads that indicate when they need to be replaced. When we replace the brake pads we will ensure the sensor is connected back to enable future warnings.