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air con servicing

The Air Conditioning service process replenishes the systems refrigerant while inspecting the condition of all components in the system. A tracer dye is added to the system during servicing which is visible only by UV light to detect gas leaks and component failures.

Our Air Conditioning service has a two tiered price depending on the gas type:

• R134A Gas – £59.99 + VAT
• R1234YF Gas – £129.99 + VAT
*Typically R1234F gas applies to newer models of vehicle.


If during the service we find that a component is faulty we will contact you with a detailed explanation, and a quotation for the repair before any remedial work is carried out.

frequently asked questions

You should carry out an Air Conditioning service annually due to the decrease in the system performance caused by gas leaks.

Annual maintenance will preserve your systems life and performance.

The service process includes a complete vacuum removal of the old gas, foreign bodies and any moisture/air in the system.

We then add a UV reactive dye to the system to detect any excessive leaks or component failures.

Finally the system gases are replenished to the manufacturers recommended specifications.

Typically R1234YF gas applies to newer models of vehicle, however an on site vehicle inspection may be required to determine the gas type for certain.

Please call us if you have any concerns.